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LHN offers a variety of Bulk Mulch, Compost, Manure, Soils, and Stone Products in the greater Warrenton VA area for every landscape and hardscape need. 

Please call us today for current availability and pricing. 540-347-5640.

If you are unable to pick them up yourself we offer delivery for an added charge.

* Delivery on all Bulk Products is based on the mileage from store to drop off location based on Mapquest. 

Regular Mulch:

Double Shredded Hardwood

shredded mulch

Premium Mulches:

Premium Double Shredded Hardwood

brown mulch

Walnut Dyed Brown Hardwood

brown mulch

Premium Dyed Brown Double Shredded Hardwood

brown mulch

Black Dyed Hardwood

brown mulch

Regular Mulch:

Premium Dyed Black Double Shredded Hardwood

black mulch

Top Soil & Compost


Orgo & Leaf Compost

leaf compost

Construction Gravel & Sand:

Concrete Sand (for Pavers)

landscape sand

Decorative Gravel

River Jack (3/4") & River Jack (1" - 3")

landscape stones

#10 Stone Dust (Paver Base)

#10 Gravel - Stone Dust (1)

Autumn Haze (6 - 12 " beige over sized gravel)

landscape stones

#57 Driveway Gravel

#21 A Gravel (1)

#21A Crush Run

#57 Gravel (1)