Bulk Products

black mulch
house stone patio
landscaping stone

LHN offers a variety of Bulk Mulches, Compost, Manure, Soils, and Stone Products for you to choose from for every landscape and hardscape needs. Please call for current availability and pricing. 540-347-5640.

If you are unable to pick them up yourself we offer delivery for an added charge.

* Delivery on all Bulk Products is based on the mileage from store to drop off location based on Mapquest. 

Regular Mulch:

Double Shredded Hardwood

shredded mulch

Premium Mulches:

Premium Double Shredded Hardwood

brown mulch

Walnut Dyed Brown Hardwood

brown mulch

Premium Dyed Brown Double Shredded Hardwood

brown mulch

Black Dyed Hardwood

brown mulch

Regular Mulch:

Premium Dyed Black Double Shredded Hardwood

black mulch

Top Soil & Compost


Orgo & Leaf Compost

leaf compost

Construction Gravel & Sand:

Concrete Sand (for Pavers)

landscape sand

Decorative Gravel

River Jack (3/4") & River Jack (1" - 3")

landscape stones

#10 Stone Dust (Paver Base)

#10 Gravel - Stone Dust (1)

Autumn Haze (6 - 12 " beige over sized gravel)

landscape stones

#57 Driveway Gravel

#21 A Gravel (1)

#21A Crush Run

#57 Gravel (1)